Kings of Cash

Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies Review

Kings of Cash slotPlaying pokies game is considered an experience which can only get better as time passes by. The more casinos and pokies games are released to the industry, the more bonuses and benefits are offered to the zealous gamers who are looking for the best next thing.

Today we will cover one of the top rated games in the industry, which players can never get enough of. In this Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies Review, we will learn all about the two Scatter symbols offered to players, the increasing multipliers, the Wild symbol and its high payouts, and even the special gambling features with which you will be able to decide yourself how the next spins are going to look like! So… let’s get started!

Scatter Symbols – Your Benefits Are Going to Be Doubled!

The experienced players are usually familiar with Scatter, or at least with its prominent feature. However, in order to bring you the most special and unique symbols & benefits in Kings of Cash mobile pokies , the creators of the game decided to use two different such symbols. Each such symbol is featured with completely different benefits from which you will be able to enjoy during the game!

The Crown and the Payouts

The Scatter symbol, recognized by the red and yellow crown drawing, placed on a light-blue background, will reward you with up to 1000 credits in a single spin! The specific payouts will be as follows: 3 Crown Scatter symbols will produce a 2 – 100 credits payout, while 4 such symbols will reward the players with 5 – 150 credits right away. Players who are lucky enough to win 5 Crown Scatters on their reels in a single spin will also be able to enjoy 10 – 1000 credits in no time!

The Dollar Sign, the Free Spins and the Multipliers

If you though the previous symbol could benefit you with special rewards, you should prepare yourself, since this symbol is going to be even better! 3 Such symbols will reward you both win 1X multiplier , as well as with 10 free spins on the spot! In case you win 4 Scatter symbols, you can be confident you will be benefited with 5X multiplier AND 15 free spins! If you are truly lucky, and 5 Dollar Scatters are on your reels, 10X multiplier AND 25 free spins will be yours right away!

The Free Spins

What are the free spins? Free spins is the name of one of the most special gaming modes of Kings of Cash , which can also be referred to as the mobile pokies no deposit bonus . During the activation period of this mode, players deposit nothing at all.
Nevertheless, the players can keep on winning credits, and all of the credits they win will be considered as real money coins. The credits will be added to the balance account, and will be used later on as the players keep on playing the game, only now they will be able to do so with the casino’s cash!

The Game Can Only Get Wilder

There is one special symbol, which players eagerly look for at any new game. This symbol is, of course, Wild. Here it can be recognized thanks to the Kings of Cash title appearing on it. Its most prominent feature is the ability to replace many other symbols on the reels.
This attribute allows Wild to take an active part in the creation process of many new winning combinations. If, for example, two identical symbols appear on reels #3 and #5, it is clear no new winning combination can be created. However, once a Wild symbol is present on reel #4, it can function just as if it was the same symbols appearing on reels #3 and #5.
A three of a kind combination will be created, and the player will be able to enjoy the respective payout. The symbols which can be replaced by the Wild are the four cards (black king, red king, black prince, and red prince), the royal chair, the box of treasures, and the royal shield.

Wild and the Payouts

Wild is much more than a replacing symbol. This special symbol can also grant players with high payouts in a matter of seconds. All that it takes is two, three, four, or five of its kind to appear on the reels – and the magic will already happen automatically.
Two wilds will reward players with 10 credits while three such symbols will grant the gamer with 25 credits. Players who win four Wild symbols can be sure they’ll receive 100 credits as well, and the players who have five such symbols will be able to win nothing less than 5000 credits in one single spin!

Play Like an Expert – Let the Game Win Credits for You!

Did you know there is a small Expert button at the lower part of the game’s window? Not only such a button exists, but it also opens up for you a whole new world of possibilities, once you press it. A single click on this button will let you press the Auto Play button which will suddenly appear on the screen, as well as the 5X and 10X buttons which will be also present from that moment on.

When clicking 5X or 10X, 5 or 10 spins, respectively, will be automatically triggered one by the other. During these spins all credits won will be real money credits, and the player will be able to sit back in the chair and watch the screen calmly.

Pressing the Auto Play button will allow gamers to set the advanced methods of the Auto Play Feature, and to decide not only the exact number of such spins which will be triggered, but also the methods which will cause the reels to stop from spinning.

Control Your Bets!

+ and – buttons will allow you to increase or decrease the number of coins you deposit by 0.01 every time. This way, in case you feel you are going to win the next spin, you can also bet for a higher rate and thus increase your payout potential. On the other hand, if you feel like keeping a low profile for a while, the – button will be there to serve you, and you will be able to reduce the amount of coins used in order to match your will. There is no limit on the number of times you can change your bet rate per game, and you will be able to use this feature before every spin starts.

Bet Max – Wait No More!

This feature is wonderful for the players who don’t feel like waiting. It allows everyone, no matter how high or low their last bet was, to increase their deposit rate to the max as well as trigger a new spin with a single click of a button! Simply press Bet Max and watch the magic happen!
Good luck!