The Betsson Euro 2012 Calendar

Betsson is celebrating the Euro Cup 2012 with their daily calendar full for all including poker, sportsbook, scratch cards, bonuses, tournaments and live casino games. There are great offers lined up till 1st July with players having a chance of winning anything from free bets and free spins to football tickets, free poker tickets, bonuses to a trip to Berlin.

Online gamblers play with the aim of winning and taking home big cash prizes. But, not everyone end up with a win and many players think that they’re unlucky and will never end up with a win. Help is at hand at least for poker players in the form of bad beat where the loser walks away with a bigger prize while the winner gets a smaller chunk of the prize pool.

The daily offers are revealed on the said date and the offer for today 24th June is The Three K’s meant for poker players. Betsson is rewarding their players with a VIP Highroller ticket if players suffer a bad beat with a Full House of 3 Kings or better. Those who meet this condition better email the support team at the site so as to receive their ticket.

The following conditions have to be kept in mind for this promotion:

  • A Full House contains three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank. The full house with the higher ranking three cards wins.
  • Eligible for hands played on NL Texas holdem cash game tables only.
  • Players have to use both hole cards to make the best possible combination.
  • Hand must go to showdown.
  • A minimum of four players should be dealt cards for the hand to be eligible.
  • Players who wish to claim their Bad Beat Jackpot should email to with subject ‘bad beat’, their username and hand number.
  • The hand must be played from 00:00 to 23:59 CET on 24th June.
  • Check out this offer and win big at Betsson.