Win Eco Prizes at Vernons Bingo

People are much aware and conscious about preserving natural resources and saving the environment these days. Those interested in eco products and doing their bit towards preservation can check out the Eco Bingo promotion at Vernons Bingo.

Vernons Bingo is running the Eco Bingo offer all through the month of May and plans to give away loads of Eco prizes. Players can check out the Eco Bingo game which plays daily from 7:30 to 8:30pm in the Bingo Party Live room. Those who opt for this offer have a chance of winning varied prizes ranging from Spa vouchers to organic fruit hampers and cash.

Every day, the full house winner on the Eco Bingo game will receive their full house winnings plus an additional prize from the Eco Board. There are loads of prizes listed on the board; the prize will be determined by the ball with which the full house was called. If a player calls a full house at ball number 20, then he/she wins the prizes at number 20 on the board.

The bingo site has offered the following prizes:

  • £50 worth Gardening Voucher or £35 cash alternative
  • £30 worth Eco candles or £21 cash alternative
  • £50 worth Spa voucher or £35 cash alternative
  • A Gazebo worth £80 or £56 cash alternative
  • £10 box of Organic chocolates or £7 cash alternative
  • £80 worth Eco BBQ or £56 cash alternative
  • £10 bonus funds
  • £50 worth organic fruit hamper or £35 cash alternative
  • £5 bonus funds
  • £10 worth Eco seeds or £7 cash alternative
  • £100 cash
  • £200 cash

Players can win these prizes depending on when they get a full house and the corresponding prize listed on the board. If a full house number has already been called during the previous days, the winner will receive the prize hidden in the next available number.

To be eligible for this offer and win a prize, players should deposit and play at least £10 on games during the seven days prior to the game. Check out this offer and win awesome eco prizes at Vernons Bingo.